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foggy morning and we will tell you about several advisories across the bay area and show you conditions across the east bay. a misery in san francisco, more than a -- mystery in san francisco, more than a dozen are rushed to the hospital. and more on the beating bryan stow case and this concerns the los angeles dodgers. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday morning, november 25th, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic, i think he is over there somewhere in the fog. >> you have that banker look going on. >> you have to see the shoes. >> we have a very thick fog pattern over there, and give us a fog advisory so be careful
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and i am broad brushing this if you break through that fog, low- to-mid 60s. here is tara. all right, steve this is a look at 680 and you can see traffic is moving along fairly at this hour and up next we have a heavy fog advisory for the bay bridge and you can see folks headed into the city and definitely give yourself some extra time. lorraine blanco is out there. how are people looking are they taking it slowly? >> yes, they are not taking it that slowly and the fog has not let up since we have been out here. just behind me is the toll plaza and you can't see it at all. now traffic is moving, moving rather slowly here and visibility is very low. here is a look at some iphone video as we head down in el
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cerrito tow. even -- el cerrito. in oakland you could not read the signs and driving around the east bay is a challenge this morning. we also shot video near berkeley and that could be tricky and today drivers are breaking more in heavy fog. advisories to tell you about, there is an advisory on the bay bridge as well as the san mateo and the venetia bridge and you will want to give yourself some extra time, slow down and use those low beams. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. more than 100 people were sent to the hospital after carbon-monoxide scare. here is more on what pg&e discovered in their
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investigation. >> reporter: no update on how all of those people are doing after they were exposed so some kind of carbon monoxide here in the heights. firefighters were called out here and a total of 14 people had to be transported to the hospital and those parents had carbon-monoxide in their bloodstream. pg&e arrived at the house and they were not able to find where that gas was coming from. we spoke with one neighbor nearby and she was forced to evacuate and of course was worried about everyone who had to be treated. >> a few had high carbon- monoxide readings and we are okay but i tonight know about the family right now. >> now that pg&e representatives who came here did check all of the plie answers but -- appliances but could not find the source of
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the carbon-monoxide. they are saying they don't have an update on their current conditions at least as of right now but as you can imagine this is an ongoing investigation, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. overnight a man was shot while sitting in his car in palo alto. it happened 8:15 on addison avenue. police believe somebody walked up to the car and shot him. we do not know his name or his condition but he is 49 years old and from menlo park and no arrests so far have been made. in the bryan stow beating case, san francisco wants 1.2 million dollars reimbursement from the dodgers. the giant fan was gravely injured in a beating outside dodgers stadium in los angeles.
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we will have an update coming up in our 6:00 hour. meanwhile a man accused of pretending to be a doctor has another hearing. carlos guzman held a fake clinic and he's charged with rape, practicing medicine without a license and identity theft. we are learning about a fatal collision on highway 50 that killed 4 people. it happened when a driver of a pre-cyst veered across four lanes and impacted the person in a mini-van. neighbors say speed may have been a factor in the crash. >> this used to be 55 and we were trying to get it passed to where it would be lowered to 45 miles per hour and for some reason they raised it.
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>> a four-year-old girl who was riding in the minivan also died and four other people were not seriously injured. and reports about 2 5,000 travelers passed through its doors on a typical sunday. more than 30,000 passengers used fso and many were delayed by as much as two hours. oakland and san jose have not released their numbers yet. the san jose controversy over shooting at birds. they may give biologists and staffers the okay to shoot at birds to scare them away from air fields and for the most part they will use blanks and they are only allowing the military police to fire their guns. there are more than 108 bird strikes and the most -- 180 bird strikes and the most
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recent one was when a bird hit an airlines jet. a council decision is scheduled by the high court for thursday and we will have one decision justices could make that would make same sex marriage legal before christmas. here it is going to be a busy day with the fog, tara? >> definitely people want to give themselves extra time to get into work this morning. if we take a look, this is the east shore freeway and you can't even see anything because it is so, so thick, barely some headlights on the left portion of your screen. very foggy, we have a heavy fog advisory as well as at the san mateo bridge and this is actually a look at 280 and san jose where there is no fog but there are several advisories
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for fog throughout the golden gate bridge so take it easy out there. here is steve. the dense fog advisory takes us until 9:00 and we will have a little different pattern tomorrow starting. today and tomorrow we will have an extremely wet pattern and building surf as well and parts of the feather river canyon up to other areas and yesterday we had ten inches of rain. a lot of this is developing and still a few miles away but there were some 30s last hour and now there are some 50s. to you a to that last fog, it kind of dances around and after that fog we will have increasing clouds tomorrow and
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first what looks to be multiple systems coming in. inland fog there is also coastal fog so it is. >> double whammy and we get very foggy here and increasing clouds continue until 6:00 p.m. we take you to 10:00 p.m. by wednesday and another system will come roaring in by wednesday as well. today we have much to talk about which is the fog. and if you get out of the fog, if you are stuck in it, it will be upper 50s and forecast models never get over 50 but today i think they will. it makes a showery pattern and rain again on friday and more rain due on the weekend. >> interesting. time now 5:09. take home pay going down for state officials in california.
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many of them will have many earning less with some city officials. the real life chaos near sacramento which looks like something from a movie. >> heavy fog advisory in effect for the san mateo bridge and we will tell you about some other hot spots on some area bridges to watch out for. good morning! wow.
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. this shows holiday shoppers shoving punching and trampling each other and it has been viewed more than 50,000 times on you tube. it appears the fight started in a victoria secret and the fight spilled out in the middle of the mall. a suspected shopper died in the middle of a parking lot. the man stole two dvd players and was detained by a security gathered. witnesses say he was put in a suspected choke hold and when police arrived he was bleeding from his mouth and nose and he died later. that incident is under
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investigation. kevin died on saturday. he was assigned to an east coast seal team out of virginia . according to the new york times, they are now drawing up military presence following the hand over in 214. one idea is for a small counterterrorism force with fewer than 1,000 troops primarily to remain to help afghanistan forces. non-american nato troops were also asked to stay in the country. the supreme court was asked to stay this week. in our washington d.c. room, cases are now facing the court, allison? >> reporter: the justices will be meeting behind closed doors to decide whether to take up any cases related to gay
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marriage this term. the 2008 voter approved ban, it means gay marriage stands in california and other areas like washington. they are taking it to a federal law which declares marriage between a man and a woman and i will show you the new ad aimed at influencing the court during my next update, ktvu channel 2 morning news, allison burns. and it means many will now make less than city government officials. governor jerry brown will drop to $65,000 a year and that's $4,000 a year less than the san francisco treasurer makes.
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and pamela harris will make less money as well and that's the job she moved up. she is assaulting a 65-year- old. he kidnapped the woman a week and a half ago and then assaulted her. he is charged with felony counts including torture and attempted murder. humane society will pay to owners to pay to spay and neuter their dogs. they are looking into why they are making this unusual offer. all county parks will not be charging an entry fee during new year's day. the gesture is to thank marin county voters for voting and passing the measure and certain
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other beaches have been opened on new year's day. >> we made it okay but the fog was incredible. in many areas it is very dangerous driving. >> the good news is there is no major accidents and it is really hard to make out the road in front of you. let's make it out to the golden gate bridge. slow going in san francisco, give yourself some extra time. heavy fog advisory is in effect and you can't see anything because there are spots where you can't see anything in front of your face. also, look at this, very foggy as you make your way to oakland this morning. 5:17 here is steve. it's going to go from one extreme to the other. dense fog, hazy skies, if you can get to that fog it will not
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be bad. tomorrow starts off with fog, and a series of systems comes in and everybody will get in on the rain party. visibility can be terrible, a quarter of a mile or less, that does until 9:00 and some areas are just socked in and clear and cold. wet pattern develops and timing is tough and all the way into sun tie it looks like rain and we will end the month very, wet and there is a lot going on here. even tapping into some lower latitude and it means it cab wet rainy pattern for the north bay. some areas are cold, others are not so bad but high pressure will hold -- but high pressure will hold on for one more day. it will be sunny and mild after
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a thick morning. hazy skies, through the fog and forecast models have a tough time hanging on to what we have right now when it comes to high temperatures. rain wednesday thursday thursday and it looks like another system friday and an off and on rainy weekend and some can be very heavy to the north. investors are worried european finance ministers will not be able to reach another bailout for greece. china hong kong lost ground but the nikkei had a 7 month high due to the weaker yen. it looks like they are pointing to a lower opening but it points to nice gains after a
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short opening back above 16,000. apple wants to include 6,000 more devices including the notebook 2 and samsung is not commenting but earlier a judge allowed samsung to say they infringed on their patent. he is fighting crime in his own way. >> basically, i am tired of it >> the under next way he -- unique way he is keeping people out of his yard. the inspiration behind it all. tonight forget you can get the morning's top stories sent straight to your cell phone. get your morning wake-up call by texting the word wake up to
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. welcome back, these indianapolis cheerleaders lost their curls for chuck pagano. they blew the issues to the challenge for the girls and together they raised more than 23,000 dollars. one of the men accused of
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the giant world series is scheduled to face a judge today. he is accused of smashing and setting a bus on fire at third and market street and he has pled not guilty to the charge of vandalism and remains there this morning. and he took advantage after somebody broke into his own house. >> look at that... >> now that is 75-year-old don keva. he heard his dog parking and he discovered two people trying to break into his house. one got away but he held another man by pointing his arrow at his face. >> i told him if you try to run, i will secure you, -- cuer you and you will not get very far. >> there was not enough evidence connecting him to a
5:25 am
crime but he will keep his bow and arrow close by. ken salazar is expected to decide whether a farm can continue. they are seeking a ten year extension to their lease which expires at the end of the month. the oyster threatens seals and other sea life but they say they have misrepresented the impact of the ouster farm on the impact on their environment. the offer applies to chow would you what owners. -- the dog owners. they say it is a response to the high number of certain dogs in bay area shelters. this is monday morning, there is a lot of fog out
5:26 am
there, tara. >> right, you can add the bridge out there and let's go to the fog zone, 280 split, we have no problems to report in the south bay and 680 at the sunole grade in fremont, no delays, take my word for it here. 5:25 let's check in with steve. >> some areas are very foggy, big changes by wednesday with rain and we will get to that shortly, here is pam. a 17-year-old shot and killed inville lay hoe. what investigate -- vallejo, what investigators are saying. and it is supposed to be one of the biggest shopping
5:27 am
days of the year and i will tell you what you need to know before you start pointing and clicking. and dense fog in the bay area, so be careful. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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. good morning, i am pam cook, steve paulson is here, we are going to get rain later in
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the week. >> yes, and we have fog and that fog advisory takes us until 9:00 and some locations don't have it and others do and we will focus our attention on what looks to be a very wet pattern for the north bay coming up later in the week. here is tara. this is where one of those heavy fog advisories is at the golden gate bridge and it is very difficult to see out there, visibility is about 100 to 200 feet in front of you so take it slowly. these fog advisories have been in effect for some part of the bay area this morning and several bridges are under this watch and it is making for some dangerous driving conditions. this is a look at what drivers are dealing with in the east bay. lorraine blanco will have a report on driving conditions at 6:00 and for now let's head back to pam and dave. it is expected to be the
5:31 am
biggest online shopping day of the year and in san jose, they will tell us how retailers are telling us how to be on this cyber monday. pam? >> it started on monday and here at wal-mart, they are offering this hdtv for 1 $89 and that's a savings of 46% off the regular price. now many people are heading back to work today and they are expected to do a lot of spending. and americans are expected to spend $1.5 billion which is up from last year. retailers like target are expecting more depending on what you will buy. some deals will not be as good as black friday but it is worth checking out the price online. >> online retailers are trying
5:32 am
to push people into their shops online and they have been trying to feed off this frenzy ahead of time. but there are still cyber monday deals coming up. >> it is primetime for them to strike and criminals will be targeting people who are using smart phones to do their shopping as well as people using outdated web browsers. use strong passwords and avoid debit cards because it gives thieves direct access into your cats. jeanine della vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. national retail federation said shoppers made 247 million visits to websites stores and spent $243 million. that shopping started on thanksgiving and one retail
5:33 am
tracking company said retail sales dropped because they were not open at least part of the day on thanksgiving. more than a dozen people were rushed to the hospital after a carbon-monoxide scare. here is more on what happened and more details on what pg&e found out, good morning, alex. >> reporter: well the source of leak remains unclear this morning. they were exposed to carbon- monoxide here in san francisco and i just checked in with somebody from the san francisco fire department and he says there is no update on their current conditions. firefighters were called out last night and in all 14 people had to be transferred to the hospital. those patients had carbon- monoxide in their bloodstream and pg&e representatives were not able to find out where the gas was actually coming from.
5:34 am
in the meantime several neighbors were forced to evacuate while this leak was being investigated. we got a knock and they tell us there was a carbon- monoxide leak and when we got out there was a fire truck and a lot of ambulances all up and down the street and they took the families to the hospital. >> that pg&e representative did check the appliances in this particular unit and could not find the source of the carbon- monoxide that sent 14 people to the hospital. i did send a message trying to get updated with pg&e on what, if anything they found out after being here on the scene. in san francisco, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. the father of a vallejo teen is in jail after he shot and killed another boy who was fighting with his son. it happened early yesterday
5:35 am
morning near glenn cove. 44-year-old randy williams senior shot a boy after getting a call from his son. all of a sudden, neighbors heard shots rang out. >> it was scary -- it was sad, it was depressing and horrible. >> reporter: now police say williams was arrested at his home shortly after the shooting and this by the way is the 21st homicide in vallejo this year. and over the holiday weekend coming up at 4:45 what we are learning about three separate shootings in just four hours. and a man is accused of robbing a bank. he was arrested earlier this month. he robbed a bank of america branch and faces robbery and
5:36 am
second degree burglary charges. and his plane lost his engine power and it happened on a soccer field at cal state. the pilot was originally headed for van nuys airport but had to take off to the san fernando valley. the pilot and passenger only suffered minor injuries. the number of crashes were up this weekend compared to last year however dui arrests were down just a bit. 31 people were killed all over the state including 6 in the bay area and one yesterday morning. that is 10 more deaths across the state than last year and in many of those cases people were not wearing seat belts. >> these fatalities do not just
5:37 am
a affect you or your family members but it affects your community and all of us, we are all involved. >> chp says 22400 people were arrested in the bay area on suspicion of dui and that compares to 247 arrested compared to last year. if you are just joining us, we are talking about fog advisories and tara has the details. >> the san mateo, bay bridge, and venetia, they are all under heavy fog advisories and at the bay bridge toll plaza, drive slowly, just under the speed limit would be a wise idea and we expect those metering lights to be going on in the next half hour or so. those headlights are westbound as you make your way through concord, no delays to report.
5:38 am
there is plenty to go around, some areas are clear and it takes us until 9:00 and we are getting ready for a big change on wednesday and the try pattern will be ending today and tomorrow. it looks like a very wet pattern takes us from wednesday to early december. that will start wednesday and just kind of an off and on and maybe beyond. one forecast model, it will be increasing clouds on tuesday am i have seen 38 near gilroy, 44 in antioch and the fog is not only coastal but inland and tomorrow we will focus our attention on increasing clouds
5:39 am
and really heavy rain but tomorrow and then hazy skies and we will focus our attention through sun tie and fine tune in as we go through sunday and i will fine tune my throat as well. there we go. tuesday increasing clouds and then after that it is rain city and the first will be here wednesday morning and we get a little break wednesday afternoon and don't put away the rain gear. there is a lot more rain coming in. hazy skies, everybody will be here and rain comes in on wednesday, guys. >> thank you, steve. today a south bay charity will open it's cold weather shelter. they have three charities in
5:40 am
gilroy sunny veil and san jose. the program provides, 372 beds annandalely meals and -- and daily meals and it opens in march. the search for a boy in humboldt county and we will tell you how two other lives were lost. and a / between protesters and -- clash between protesters and police. actually this is near walnut creek and we will tell you about the fog coming up. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. good morning, well you may not know it, visibility is outstanding and it is awful, so be careful. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are looking at right now, a dense fog advisory in parts of the bay area this morning. look at this, it makes driving dangerous for some drivers. lorraine blanco is keeping track and she will be back with a live report at 6:00. more than a dozen people were brought to the hospital because of a carbon-monoxide scare and traces of it were found in some of their systems. pg&e could not find out where it was coming from and an investigation continues. they may desaid to take on the issue of same sex marriage and if they decide not to hear a case, same sex marriage will become legal in california because of an appeals court in
5:44 am
california. and in egypt, they gave him total president and here is where protesters have fathered and you can see quite -- have gathered and you can see quite a crowd out there after mohamed morsi -- president mohamed morsi planned on meeting with council and they plan a big protest tomorrow. a factory fire killed at least 112 people. angry workers blocked a major highway. the fire that broke out trapped the workers inside and at least 12 people died after jumping from the building to escape the flames. massachusetts investigators know what caused the massive
5:45 am
explosion that destroyed 42 buildings. the state fire marshall said a utility worker punctured a high pressure line and the exposure was then ignite by a spark. they followed sidewalk markings to a gas leak but the markings were wrong. 21 people were injured. the search is ended for a 16-year-old boy. it happened at big lagoon. the teen and his parents went out into the water trying to save their dog. both parents drowned and they were pronounced dead at the scene. the coast guard has called off the search for the teenage boy and the dog by the way survived. and gun violence, shot and killed after 24 hours after the holiday weekend. it happened on saturday and sunday and police say two women
5:46 am
were shot to death yesterday morning near brook dale avenue. a man and woman was also shot in east oakland. and a 19-year-old man died after being shot on san pablo in oakland. >> it seemed like a lot of shots. i don't know, probably 15, maybe 20. >> well, oakland police done yet have a motive for yesterday's shooting and domestic violence is suspected in the shooting of a young mother on saturday. the city of oakland has seen 115 homicides this year and that's more than 110 last year for homicides. the record was in 1992 when there were 175. lawmakers are determined to find a way to avoid sending the country off the fiscal cliff.
5:47 am
congress has 45 days to come to an agreement on deficit reduction and if they don't spending cuts will go into effect january 31st. both sides are willing to compromise. it is my decision to put them down and violate the pledge, long story short only if democrats will do entitlement reform. >> the key sticking point is what 0 do -- to do about taxes. they want to raise taxes and republicans don't want to. they are willing to cap certain deductions. and perspective police officers, you can start applying for jobs at the san francisco police department this morning and they will start accepting applications for entry level police officers. eligible application cans have to be at least 20 years old,
5:48 am
have a valid california driver's license and high school diploma or equivalent. it will end on friday december 7th and the starting pay for a san francisco police officer is 88,000 dollars a year. well for the san francisco 49ers there are quarterback questions all over again. it happened for the second straight game for the quarterback and coming up, what coach jim harbaugh is saying about who will be his starter in the future. we have been talking about fog and i'm not sure if there is an incident in south san francisco. northbound at the 380 split, just north of fso, let's head out to our maps and a bicycle is laying on the shoulder and officers are not sure if this was an accident or if the bike came off the car and we will let you know if there was
5:49 am
anything serious. looking this hour as you make your way towards sunny veil, heavy fog, you can see some backup there beginning and it is under a heavy fog advisory as well as throughout the bay areaen and we have the richmond san rafael, golden gate bridge, venetia, just make sure you give yourself some extra time and those conditions are likely to stick around until 8:00 a.m. this morning. let's go to steve. we have a foggy pattern for some, they were hard pressed to get up over the 50s and that could change, sometimes that fog does not change until 6:30 or 7:00. tomorrow we are also throwing it into the mix and then rain comes in on wednesday and probably taking us off and on into the weekend. that dense fog advisory for some, it is just terrible and
5:50 am
it is like for what other locations. rain returns and heavy rain will come in building surf and it looks like wednesday timing is tough as we head towards friday and saturday but it sure does not look sunny. there could be some copious amounts and they are taking the brunt of it. 30s 40s and 50s and some areas are cold but others are not too bad and i think we'll see that again tonight into tomorrow. once the fog burns off, it will not be too bad. a hazy pattern will pick up later in the week. hazy skies, 60s for others and then a system is coming ins especially wednesday and we will give you a heads up with lead time and then sunny around the leads, a little cool for
5:51 am
others, 50s and 60s, there is a combination of coast and inland fog so it is a dry morning and we have a break wednesday evening and we will have an off and on rainy pattern which will take us right into the weekend. it could affect some stocks and they expect to see an active trade with amazon who should see a lot of business. they are overkindel fire tablet at just 129 did and that's a $30 discount. and the national retail federation says millions of americans hit websites on thanks giving day and black friday and later today we should find out how much people spent but they say they liked spending their holidays in the store and that could give stocks and wal-mart a boost.
5:52 am
. haven't -- haven't buyers dark vampired, sky fall, second, daniel day lewis' lincoln came in third and sold $290 million in tickets it is over the $11 billion mark for the first time ever. black friday leads to a suspected killer. how san jose swarmed in on holiday shoppers to get their man. and all of that confetti down at the macy's confetti parade in new york. 3q
5:53 am
5:54 am
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don't just vacuum clean. resolve clean. . police in new york are investigating some disturbing confetti at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. confetti is usual but a college student noticed some of the confetti floating around
5:56 am
contained confidential information from a nearby police department. >> she took it off her jacket and it said s-s-n-and then there is a number like a social security number and we thought that was bizarre. >> some noticed date of birth and other sensitive information. they are investigating how the sensitive documents ended up at the macy's thanksgiving day parade and they say they use only confetti not shredded paper. authorities say an off-duty officer saw a man stealing and else accused of killing somebody back in may and
5:57 am
another man is also wounded in that shooting. and there is a question of who will be the quarterback when he was asked who replaced all level smith -- alex smith as the starter and harbaugh said we would address it at a later date. a 31-21 win over new orleans yesterday, threw 321 yards, scored a rushing touchdown and pass. they sacked drew brees 5 times and ran back two interceptions for touchdowns. coming up, one word describes traffic this morning, fog. >> there is a right, especially if you are in the north bay, south bay they are not having any problems but luckily there are no serious accidents and let's look at 101 and san jose,
5:58 am
no fog to report and traffic on the right-hand side is there as you make your way to the airport. at the sunole grade in fremont, traffic is still moving so that is good. 5:57 let's head back to the desk. los angeles dodgers face another claim in the bryan stow beating case, how much do they want? and fog is blanketing the bay area, take a look at this, we will have a report on the dangerous conditions on this back to workday at the toll plaza. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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